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A typical IT outsourcing customer comes to CAPTEVA for an immediate need such as an Exchange Server upgrade, enhanced storage, or connectivity to a remote site. Once this customer recognizes the expertise and value of CAPTEVA's services they typically ask if CAPTEVA can take on additional long term responsibilities. CAPTEVA then evaluates the long term need and develops a program to support the IT infrastructure for this customer.

All of CAPTEVA's outsourcing programs allow for emergency assistance. In fact, CAPTEVA has no equal in regards to customer service. When customer's have needs we treat them as we would want to be treated if the roles were reversed!

CAPTEVA's on-site IT outsourcing relationships range from multiple days per week on-site, to days every other week on-site, to monthly remote administration. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how CAPTEVA can be, or assist, your IT department - give us a call at 860-834-0527.